• Excellence in writing, editing, and translation


Textabulous is all about excellence—in writing, editing, and translation.

I have the academic background, the track record, and the disposition to ensure that every deliverable is of the highest quality.

My academic credentials and my track record speak for themselves. But it’s my approach that’s distinctive. (I say “my”, not “our”, because when you hire me, you get me: I’ll never outsource your work. It’s that simple.)

What sets me apart?

When I edit, I’m thorough. When I translate, I pay the closest attention to style and nuance. When I write, I’m creative.

But above all, I listen.

As I’m editing, I include queries as I go, and flag any changes that may need special attention. I ask, “Is this the idea?” or “What does this mean, exactly?” (See the video to the right for more on my approach.)

Before I start translating, I ask: What do you need—a tight translation or a freer deliverable, perhaps with idiomatic enhancements?

And before I start writing, I check with you: Is there a strict brief regarding tone of voice, say, or overall style, or do I have a freer hand? For technical writing: Is there a style guide? (If not, I can put one together for you.)

With this approach, the excellence of the final product is the result of a dialogue, a joint effort.

To find out more, take a look at the description of each service I offer, and at the samples of my work. And feel free to get in touch should you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!



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