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Translation from Dutch (sworn) and French to English

Commercial, legal and regulatory, political, academic, literary, technical...

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From international human rights law to cultural history and semiotic theory, and from women in STEM to seventeenth-century Dutch literature...


Legal and regulatory, commercial, academic, IT and technical writing, annual and sustainability reports, advocacy...


Internal and external communications, stakeholder engagement, technical writing, blog posts and social media, articles, style guides...

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Native English Speaker

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Sworn translator, Dutch to English

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Nine books copy edited or translated

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Twenty years’ experience as a writer, editor, and translator

About Textabulous

For twenty years, Texabulous has provided copywriting, sworn translation and editing services to clients in a whole range of industries and academic disciplines

Client Testimonials

"[A] gifted and enthusiastic writer and communicator. He has an excellent understanding of the correct use and structure for...speeches, news articles and other communications."
- Principal Director, European Patent Office
"Now that I have just about finished working through all your queries and corrections, I want to thank you again for the thorough job you did. Your sharp academic observations were of considerable help in honing certain aspects of my argument."
- Professor in the humanities, Leiden University
"I found [your translation] to be of excellent quality. So much so that I don't really have any comments to offer (and believe me, that doesn't happen often). Really well done!"
- Radboud University Translation Service
"Thank you for your great work....This would not have been possible without you."
- Project Manager, New Internet, Europol Corporate Communications