Translation from Dutch and French

Excellence across a range of disciplines

I’m an experienced freelance translator from French to English and Dutch to English (sworn), with seven book translations under my belt.

Two criteria for excellence

There are two key criteria for excellence when it comes to translation. The result must, of course, faithfully convey the intentions in the source text. But, just as importantly, it should not look or feel like a translation.

That’s what I strive for in every assignment I take on, whether that’s a book, an academic article, a speech, or a social-media post. In the years since I did my first book translation in 2008, I have translated a huge variety of material both from Dutch to English and from French to English.

Translation from Dutch to English

Over the years I have translated for businesses large and small, NGOs, Dutch government ministries, universities, book publishers, and individuals. I am sworn in this pair, having taken my oath at the District Court of The Hague in 2019.

Sworn translations

I have been a sworn translator since 2019. I regularly translate birth certificates, labour contracts, court decisions, certificates of good conduct, and other documents.

I charge the same per-word rate for sworn as for other translations.

Translation for business

I translate regularly for ABN AMRO and ING banks, GasUnie, Marktlink, and Nationale Nederlanden, among others.

The materials I have translated include:

  • human-resources policies and guides
  • intranet and internet pages
  • case studies
  • job notices
  • internal communications
  • marketing brochures
  • product warranties
  • offers of services
  • bidbooks
  • press releases and other public-relations output
  • property valuations
  • social-media posts
  • new and updated screens in ABN AMRO’s payment-request app Tikkie

I have also translated a rehabilitation protocol and brochures on hip replacement and on planning for operations for Annatommie Medical Centre, and an introductory brochure for Sint Maartenskliniek.

Legal translation

I regularly translate such materials as:

  • terms and conditions
  • leases
  • divorce papers
  • employment contracts
  • business-to-business agreements
  • consultancy agreements
  • articles of association
  • insurance policies
  • property valuations
  • court submissions and orders

See below for my work as a legal translator from French.

Translation of annual and sustainability reports

I have translated annual and sustainability reports for, among others:

  • the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)
  • Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs
  • Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam
  • ABP, the pension fund for employees in the government and education sectors

I have also translated various reports and other materials for the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology.

Translation of government and NGO reports

I have done a good number of translations for various ministries and departments of the Dutch government, such as the following:

Academic translation

I have translated articles on a range of academic topics. Translations include:

I have also translated lectures on topics such as sustainability, trends in the humanities, and the role of the moden university.

Among my book translations are:

For more details, see Books I have translated or copy-edited.

Translation of fiction

I have translated a novel, RoboWok, by Bas van Kesteren: “Ciarán has transformed my initial effort in Dutch into a really fine read in English. The text is replete with idiomatic expressions and turns of phrase that give it a really natural feel.” For more details, see Books I have translated or copy-edited.

Translation from French to English

In this pair, too, I have translated a broad range of materials: for commercial clients, university presses, academic journals, local governments, the Belgian Trade Commission, universities, book publishers, and individuals.

Translation for business

I have translated numerous articles for Wallonia and Brussels Magazine, copy for Chouffe Beer, press releases for Liege Airport, and web copy for companies in a variety of sectors, from coffee roasteries to security companies and law firms.

Legal translation

I am the translator of The Three Regional Human Rights Courts in Context: Justice That Could Not Be Taken for Granted (link to original), a major addition to the scholarship on human rights law by Laurence Burgorgue-Larsen (Professor at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, member of the Institut de Recherche en Droit International et Européen de la Sorbonne (IREDIES)). It will be published by Oxford University Press in April 2024. For more details, please see Books I have translated or copy-edited.

I am also the translator of the following journal articles:


In addition, I regularly translate such materials as terms and conditions, leases, employment and other business-to-business contracts, court decisions, and articles of association.

Academic translation

I have translated Spaces of Communication: Elements of Semio-Pragmatics by Roger Odin, Professor Emeritus of Communication at University of Paris 3, Amsterdam University Press (2021)

I am also the translator of numerous academic articles, including the following: