About Textabulous


It’s obvious that a translator or an editor works on someone else’s content. It’s perhaps less obvious, but no less true, that the same goes for a writer for hire.
Understanding that helps bring into relief a clear division of labour: whether you’re an anthropologist or a business-process owner, a procurement officer or a lawyer, you see to the accuracy of the content, while I ensure the formal correctness, internal consistency, and overall excellence of what I’ve written, edited, or translated.

I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University in the US. I taught writing and technical writing there and at  the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. And I have over 20 years’ experience as a writer, editor, and translator for public- and private-sector organisations, universities, and major academic publishers. So I have the breadth and depth of experience needed to ensure excellence across the board on everything from small individual assignments to major projects and programmes.